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3 Steps in Preventing Frozen Pipes during Winter Months

//3 Steps in Preventing Frozen Pipes during Winter Months

3 Steps in Preventing Frozen Pipes during Winter Months

It’s three a.m. and suddenly you are awakened by the wails of your newborn child. Your child is hungry, and you scoop up your bundle of joy, heading for the kitchen to prepare a bottle of formula. But you discover that your pipes have burst from the cold weather, and you have a hungry, screaming infant who doesn’t even know what a burst pipe is.

Pipes, like soda cans left in the freezer for too long, expand in cold weather until they burst. This burst can cause flood damage, and make it impossible to continue your daily activities, such as adding water to powdered baby formula. Roto-Rooter does not want your child to go hungry, so we have some helpful tips to keep your pipes intact and your baby fed.

  • Tip #1: Turn your faucet to a slow drip to allow water to stay moving within the pipe. This is especially important for when temperatures get below twenty degrees. A dripping faucet has the unfair reputation of being annoying, but think about how that rhythmic drip drip drip can lull your not-hungry baby back to sleep. That’s what we call a pipe dream!
  • Tip #2: Cover your pipes with insulation sleeves and wrapping. Pipes need to be snug and insulated to reduce the danger of freezing. A snug pipe is a happy pipe.
  • Tip #3: Do not leave your pipes out in the cold. Literally. Open up cabinets to let warm air circulate. Showing them warmth now reduces the potential for future dramatic outbursts. This advice also applies to children.

Winter is flu season for pipes. Just as you take your child to the pediatrician for routine checkups, you should be aware of the current state and health of your pipes. A tiny crack in the pipe can develop into a long-term problem and a potential for future bursts.

In Bloomington Indiana, a place where you can experience four seasons in one week, the weather can be highly unpredictable. Sometimes pipes burst, despite taking all necessary precautions. If this happens, the first step is to turn off the water main to stop further flooding. After you stop the water, you should contact a Roto-Rooter representative. Roto-Rooter employees know how to handle all manner of plumbing problems and will be able to assist you in a prompt, professional manner. Roto-Rooter is the one-stop shop for all of your needs. With Roto-Rooter’s tips and 24-hour emergency service, all you have to worry about is getting your child back to sleep.


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