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Best Options When Replacing a Garbage Disposal

//Best Options When Replacing a Garbage Disposal

Best Options When Replacing a Garbage Disposal

It’s hard not to fawn in the nostalgia of the good ole days when an average home’s garbage disposal was a wise cracking prehistoric pig beneath the sink. Unfortunately, The Flintstones has not been on the air since 1966 and times have definitely changed. The garbage disposal is a convenient but alarmingly misused tool in the kitchen. People want to dispose of larger food particles, coffee grounds, and possibly junk mail. Although convenient, this puts an unfortunate stress on an appliance that is only supposed to handle light food residue that is removed from dishes prior to being put in the dishwasher. The magic of the garbage disposal is quite fascinating, but Roto-Rooter would suggest that proper use of the appliance is the best way to ensure its longevity.

The garbage disposal, could be considered the most valuable player in the kitchen, and like all the great MVPs of history, it is inevitable that they will need to be replaced at some point. This can occur when the disposal blades have dulled, or the function of it has given out. Roto-Rooter has some helpful advice for replacing a garbage disposal, but they warn that for someone who has not done it before, it can make the process take much longer. If you get in contact with Roto-Rooter, they guarantee that they can send a plumber who will do the job quickly and professionally. If you are inclined to do the job yourself, Roto-Rooter has an article entitled “How to Install a Garbage Disposal” ( which has all of the necessary information and tool recommendations to accomplish the job.

Once you have your wonderfully new garbage disposal, it is important to treat it with care. You want your disposal to be your friend, and not your foe. To keep it as your friend, it is important to listen to what it needs, and to understand its capabilities. For instance, it would be better to only put soft food scraps into the disposal, as putting hard items – items like egg shells, and potato peels – can dull the blades and make it less functional. No one wants their friend to be dull. Also, remember to avoid putting rice or pasta into the disposal.  They absorb water and expand quickly that leads to clogged drains.

Another good tip is to offer your garbage disposal refreshments every now and again. Placing ice within the disposal can clean the blades as well as sharpen them. If your disposal happens to get bad breath, offering it a breath mint would be considerate, but potentially clogging for the pipes. A good way to keep the garbage disposal fresh is to peel some oranges and lemons and remove the seeds, and then place them within the disposal. Let the disposal run for a few minutes and it will be a happy and fresh garbage disposal. Another alternative is the various brands of beads that can clean and deodorize your unit.

It is better to have your garbage disposal on your side, as opposed to it working against you, following these tips should lead to a happy and healthy partnership for years to come.

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