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What is an outside cleanout?

Clogging in your kitchen sink or one of the toilets in your house can be a minor occurrence, because these issues are relatively easy to fix using the tools you already have in your home. Those issues are usually isolated within that specific feature, which won’t cause the rest of your plumbing to malfunction. In certain situations, clogging is coming from the main drain line. This would be a situation where all the fixtures in your home are affected. These are also much more difficult to unclog due to the size of the pipes, accessing the clog, and where the clog might be located within the pipe. To help prevent this disaster, we recommend an outside drain cleanout to keep things working properly and moving through efficiently. This cleanout happens outside of your home, where your main line connects to the public sewage system. This lidded pipe is located at [...]

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Why Does Water Come Up in the Kitchen Sink?

Regardless of the time or day, there isn’t a plumbing issue quite as inconvenient as a drain that stops doing its job. These instances lead to water and waste being sent back up, causing a messy situation. Below you will find different types of drains these problems may arise in, and what you can do to minimize the overall damage that can be caused. Kitchen Sink: This is the most common occurrence, because people are constantly putting food waste down their kitchen sinks, whether they have a garbage disposal or not. No matter the system, clogs can build up over time. If you begin to notice a slow drain, this is usually the first indicator you’re nearing a clog. If a plunger or drain snake can’t break up the mess, your best bet is to call a professional to ensure the clog is safely and effectively removed. Bathroom Sink and [...]

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Stinky Drains and Smelly Water – What is Going On?

Bathrooms and kitchens can create strong smells in the modern home, but what do you do when there is a stink and no discernible source?  The first place to check is your sink. So here’s what to look for and a few ways to deal with it. Dry p-drain: The simplest and most common reason a sink drain might stink is that your p-drain is dry. It’s called a “p-drain” not because of what goes down it, but because of its vaguely “p” shape. The fix for this is simple. Just turn on the faucet for about 30 seconds to allow water to collect in a pool in the p-drain. The water acts as a barrier and stops sewer gas from traveling up the drain and into your house. Clog or Biofilm Buildup: Biofilm is a nasty black-gray substance that builds up over time along the walls of your drains from [...]

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Drain Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no telling what we’ll find when we make house calls for bad drains. The most common problem cause of drain problems is just a lack of knowledge about what drains can really handle. So we wanted to share our tips to help you know and love your household drains. Toilets Flush what you produce not any products, if you get our meaning. The drain in a toilet is designed to handle only small amounts of toilet paper and bodily waste. Don’t flush medication, hygiene products, paper towels, or big heaps of toilet paper.  These products will very often get stuck in the trap or line and cause a blockage.  Also, we all experience times when we "go" more than normal.  If you happen to experience one of these times, it's best to go ahead and flush "midway through".  That way the larger amounts of paper and waste aren't all [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Drains

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you’ve likely had to deal with drainage problems at some point in time. Clogged drains can be frustrating and if not dealt with correctly and properly, a costly nuisance. Getting educated on the dos and don'ts of drain usage and cleaning can definitely save you a headache in the long run! Kitchen Drains The first step to a clean kitchen drain is having a full understanding of what should absolutely never go down it! It easy to toss scraps down the drain whenever you cook, but when food and greases end up in your kitchen sink, it can lead to all kinds of potentially costly problems, including leaks, unpleasant smells, noises, and poor drainage.  All food scraps should be tossed scraped into a wastebasket before the dishes get to the sink.  The disposal is only intended to handle the remaining bits [...]

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3 Tips to Prevent Clogged Bathroom Drains

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a clogged bathroom drain while you and your family are trying to get out the door in the morning. Water that refuses to wash down the drain is unsightly and can create a foul stench that will have you running for the hills! To keep your drains running properly and to avoid odor, you can follow these three tips: One of the biggest culprits of a clogged bathroom drain is hair in the shower. Long hair, short hair, dog hair—it can all lead to buildup that will eventually clog your drain. Remedy the problem by using a drain cover that will catch hair before it slips down the drain. These can be purchased from any hardware store. (And just remember to empty it regularly!) The easiest way to treat a clogged drain is to avoid having one in the first place. Regular cleanings of your [...]

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