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Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Although emergency plumbing situations can happen at any time, the winter tends to rear its ugly head with plumbing mishaps due to the freezing temperatures. Knowing how to spot a problem and handle these situations accordingly can help keep things at bay until a professional can show up and address the situation. Below you’ll find some tips/tricks on being prepared for unexpected events. Have an emergency kit consisting of a bucket, heavy duty paper towels or old rags, wrenches, multi-bit screwdrivers, plungers, coat hangers, and tape. These are all common household items, but crucial when addressing most sudden plumbing disasters. It’s not going to be enough to have the supplies, you’re going to need to know ways to handle the situation and recognizing what the problem is. Frozen Pipes: When outside temperatures drop significantly, areas in your home that aren’t insulated also get freezing cold. To help protect against the [...]

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