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Tales of A Plumber – Why Hire

A clogged toilet or broken water heater can ruin’s someone life; well at least from the customer’s point of view. While it’s true these situations can be disastrous, making matters worse by trying to DIY when one has no plumbing is even scarier than the clogged commode. What Goes Down With that said, most of the plumbing woos plumbers encounter on any given day are usually completely avoidable. Unfortunately, homeowners like to throw caution to the wind and they’ll flush plastic, cardboard and even super-thick Handi-Wipes down the toilet, and then wonder why it’s overflowing on the floor. Close encounters with human waste is risky business. If your toilet is clogged, please call a plumbing professional. Hairy Situation While it’s true everyone sheds hair in the shower, most people tend to forget that they need to clean their drains on a regular basis; not only when the water reaches knee [...]

Tips for Ensuring Longevity for Your Pipes

Have you ever had to deal with a busted pipe? It can be an awful experience. Luckily, if this disastrous event occurs, you can get in contact with Roto-Rooter 24/7 to get a plumbing technician out to address the problem. One can never know when a pipe has corroded or may break, however here are some helpful hints as to help best ensure the longevity of your pipes. Although this is 2017, it is unfortunately necessary to mention that a toilet is not a trash can. Flushing trash and other foreign objects down the toilet is extremely damaging and bad for the pipes. Roto-Rooter takes plumbing seriously, and they are aware that people would never knowingly try and break their pipes, but sometimes not all things are considered. This can especially be a problem in homes with children. To ensure the most efficient pipe health it is important to have [...]

3 Steps in Preventing Frozen Pipes during Winter Months

It’s three a.m. and suddenly you are awakened by the wails of your newborn child. Your child is hungry, and you scoop up your bundle of joy, heading for the kitchen to prepare a bottle of formula. But you discover that your pipes have burst from the cold weather, and you have a hungry, screaming infant who doesn’t even know what a burst pipe is. Pipes, like soda cans left in the freezer for too long, expand in cold weather until they burst. This burst can cause flood damage, and make it impossible to continue your daily activities, such as adding water to powdered baby formula. Roto-Rooter does not want your child to go hungry, so we have some helpful tips to keep your pipes intact and your baby fed. Tip #1: Turn your faucet to a slow drip to allow water to stay moving within the pipe. This is [...]

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What to do When Your Pipe Breaks

A pipe has broken in your home and you have to scramble to remedy the problem as you call the professionals for help. This scenario is one of the biggest fears of homeowners and plays out all too often. Here’s what you can do to prevent a broken water line from causing havoc in your home. First, you must know that preparation is key! You should familiarize yourself with where your main water shut off is inside your home.  If you do not have a main water shutoff inside your home, call a plumber and have one installed. But in the meantime, if you don't have one, know where your outside water shut off is located.  You can call the utility company and they can tell or show you.  The last thing you want to be doing is running around your yard in the middle of the night trying to [...]

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