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Tips on Saving Money

We all know the importance of good plumbing, and how inconvenient it is when something goes wrong. Learning basic knowledge on the do’s and don’ts can help ward off potential repairs that could be easily avoided, reduce the price of your utility bill, and ensure a long life for your household fixtures and appliances. You have the power to prevent costly and time-consuming issues by implementing some of the tips and tricks listed below. Water Heater Maintenance – Have someone periodically check your water heater will ensure that it’s properly working at top performance. Having this checked will also give you the peace of mind that your heater doesn’t have any underlying issues you might be missing that could lead to bigger issues down the road. Investigating Water Pressure Issues – One of the worst things you can possibly do is ignore water pressure problems if they’re noticed. Defects in [...]

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Four Major Plumbing Myths Debunked

Whether we are talking about your toilets or your garbage disposal, there are some myths we need to get straight when it comes to plumbing. This could be the difference between properly working appliances, and costly maintenance to fix your mistakes. Garbage disposals Can Handle It All – Can you put anything and everything down the garbage disposal? This might seem like a convenient way to avoid less food waste in your trash can, but there really is a limit to what can and can’t enter the garbage disposal! Avoid things with a stringy texture (pasta, certain vegetables, etc.), as well as grease and any non-food items. Instead of using lemon peels as a way to freshen up the odor coming from the disposal, use vinegar. Liquids are always a safe bet, and will keep your blades from getting caught or clogged. Fixing a Leaky Faucet Isn’t a Big Deal– [...]

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What is the best water heater for your home?

Searching for new water heaters isn’t always on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but it is an essential for a happy, functioning home. And if you find yourself suddenly needing to replace your hot water heater, it can be stressful! But we have some tips and pointers below to help you find the best type of water heater for your needs!  There are three common water heaters: Conventional/Tank, Tankless, and Hybrid. The conventional water heater has a large tank in which it stores hot water in. When choosing this type of water heater, you’ll want to consider its capacity first... consider how many people are in your household and how much water you tend to use. Typically, these water heaters are available with 20 - 80 gallons tanks. The average family of four may take several showers, wash several loads of laundry, and run the dishwasher a couple times [...]

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Why Is My Toilet Flushing So Darn Noisy?

Your toilet has become noisy and you don’t know why.  Oftentimes, your toilet assembly may only need a thorough cleaning, but there also times when you may need to replace one or more parts. To help troubleshoot the problem, we’ve broken it down into categories to help determine what the problem is. What You Hear: Thumping Referred to as a water hammer, you may hear this noise when the valve closes suddenly at the end of the pipeline, which causes pressure in the pipe. The pressure can cause problems ranging from loud noises when you flush to pipe collapse. Hissing One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What causes that hissing sound in my toilet?” The continuous hiss you hear could be a faulty refill valve. When the valve doesn’t turn off, the hissing sound comes from the high-pressure water that passes through the restricted fill valve as it [...]

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