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Guide to how a Hot Water Heater Works

One of the things we often take for granted is water and even more specifically – hot water!  When all is working well, we go the sink or shower and turn the knob, beginning the flow of water. If we selected hot water, water will flow starting at room temperature (this the temperature of the water is in the pipes near the sink or shower) and change to warm and eventually hot, all thanks to our hot water heater.  But what happens if the water never gets hot? If this happens, you may have a problem with your hot water heater. Water comes into your home, business, or school through a water pipe hooked to your city’s water system or through a well, in more rural settings.  Water is typically divided into two pipes to feed your house.  One with “tap water” straight from the city water system or well, [...]

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Comparing Electric and Gas Water heaters

When comparing the differences between electric and gas water heaters, you will want to weigh several factors before making your decision as to which is best for you. Is your home electric only or do you have gas available? If your house does not have a gas line running into it, you will need to price out the cost of having a gas line installed, service connected, etc. While these costs may be significant upfront, if you live in a rural area, the annual cost of operating an electric water heater may soon surpass the upfront costs of having a gas line installed and using a gas water heater.  Another benefit is that a gas water heater can still be used during a power outage (as long as it has a continuous gas pilot light). How many people live in your home and how many gallons will you be using [...]

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Pros of an Instant Hot Water Heater

When shopping for a new water heater, you may want to consider looking into your options for an instant hot water heater, sometimes referred to as a ‘tankless water heater.’  Traditional tank water heaters can have a cheaper price point on the front end of installation or replacement, but their lifetime cost can be more expensive.  Instant hot water heaters typically provide many more benefits than compared to a traditional tank hot water heater. Below are some of the benefits: Hot water supply: Tank water heaters have a limit as to how much hot water they will put out at any given time, as it will depend on the size of the tank you purchase.  However, one of the best features of the instant water heater is that your hot water supply that will never run out.  Want to run the dishwasher while someone is in the shower? No problem. [...]

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Plumbing Myths

As a homeowner, there are probably a lot of things you wished you would have known before moving in. Along with the joy of homeownership comes the oftentimes overlooked possible plumbing woes that can occur. Below we’ve debunked several “myths” to help you ward off plumbing faux-pas. Myth: “My plumbing can handle all my weekend guests." Even if you can handle an overflow of house guests, but your sewer or septic system may not! This line is responsible for all waste water from your home, including the kitchen, showers, and toilets. So, if you have more people than usual staying over, and particularly if you have slow drains, make sure that you limit shower time so the lines have time to clear. You may also want to ask your guests to not flush the toilet with each use. By asking your guests to be mindful with their water usage, you [...]

Water Heater Repair Versus Water Heater Replacement Guidelines

Replacement: If your water heater is experiencing issues and nearing the end of its expected lifespan (10-12 years), you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit. Some telltale signs of a water heater in need of replacement are leaks around the base of the unit and simply not heating your water. If you are experiencing one or both of these issues, it is time to replace. A new water heater will usually be much more energy efficient and feature a manufacturer’s warranty for the beginning of the unit’s time in your home. You can now make decisions regarding the type of unit you wish to use. You may find yourself wanting to replace the old unit with a newer version with similar specifications or simply going a different route completely. When choosing a water heater for your home, consider the physical dimensions of the water heater as [...]

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