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Clean Your Pipes Today to Avoid Disaster Tomorrow

//Clean Your Pipes Today to Avoid Disaster Tomorrow

Clean Your Pipes Today to Avoid Disaster Tomorrow

Here at Roto-Rooter our motto is “and away go troubles down the drain.” With our expert plumbing technicians, we ensure that this is true. But what if your troubles go down the drain and there is something wrong with the pipe? Cleaning out your plumbing lines can ensure that your troubles do go down the drain and do not go somewhere else. There are a myriad of factors that work against your pipes, but, at Roto-Rooter, we take our motto very seriously. We do not want today’s troubles sent down the drain to become tomorrow’s disaster. Luckily, if you happen to have an issue, Roto-Rooter has a 24-hour helpline at 800-768-6911, but here are some tips and things to look out for to ensure you will not have any issues.

During winter, the cold and shifting ground can be brutal on your pipes and can cause your pipes to burst or break. Doing a basic cleaning helps the Roto-Rooter team discern where the break is, allowing them to tend to the problem quickly. Grease buildups or foreign objects can obstruct flow, but routine cleaning can prevent these minor problems from developing into major problems. Cleaning also assists in finding pipes that are corroded, bellied, or compromised by an ingrown root. These three factors can prevent your troubles from disappearing completely down the drain, but, by cleaning regularly, they can disappear in no time.

Cleaning your pipes also helps your plumbing run smoothly and safely. A clogged or damaged pipe cannot let you know that it’s having issues, so you must be aware of your pipes’ needs. A routine cleaning is a complex plumbing job, but Roto-Rooter’s expert team can perform this task quickly and efficiently. A Roto-Rooter consultant can inspect for any potential damage and can perform a routine cleaning before the problem develops further. Being on top of your pipes’ health and wellbeing is crucial. Doing routine cleaning can allow for you to understand your specific needs. If you do a cleaning and think something is wrong with your pipes, you can get in contact with Roto-Rooter’s highly trained staff and they can come and look into the problem.

If there happens to be a major sewer line problem, fret not. Roto-Rooter uses a trenchless sewer line repair system, which is kinder to your lawn or pavement than traditional methods. We care for our customers’ troubles and we want to do our part to make sure they go down the drain without a hitch.

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