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Drain Do’s and Don’ts

//Drain Do’s and Don’ts

Drain Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no telling what we’ll find when we make house calls for bad drains. The most common problem cause of drain problems is just a lack of knowledge about what drains can really handle. So we wanted to share our tips to help you know and love your household drains.


Flush what you produce not any products, if you get our meaning. The drain in a toilet is designed to handle only small amounts of toilet paper and bodily waste. Don’t flush medication, hygiene products, paper towels, or big heaps of toilet paper.  These products will very often get stuck in the trap or line and cause a blockage.  Also, we all experience times when we “go” more than normal.  If you happen to experience one of these times, it’s best to go ahead and flush “midway through”.  That way the larger amounts of paper and waste aren’t all trying to go down a drain that just doesn’t have enough room for everything!


A garbage disposal is a drain with teeth. It has to be able to chew what you feed it. Garbage disposals love to chew up citrus rinds (also a great way to keep it clean!), most fruit and veggie scraps, and small pieces of meat.

We know you would never ever throw in the butt of a cigarette or that napkin that was also on the plate when you wiped it off. But, seriously, don’t put anything down that hole that will tear up your appliance or stick around too long. That means no fruit pits, bones, or broken glass (true story), and nothing that expands or sticks around like grease, pasta, rice, and starchy or super fibrous veggies (think potato peels and celery).  Oh, and forget that wive’s tale about egg shells sharpening the blades too! Egg shells cause blockages, throw them in the trash!


The drain of your sink was designed for…water! If it isn’t mostly water, it should not be anywhere near your drain. Water with coffee grinds, sand, hair, or bits of food or paper should be strained before it goes down. And remember, just because it’s a liquid, doesn’t mean it’s drain worthy. Bacon grease…motor oil…glue…paint…they muck up your drain fast and cause some serious problems.

And if you didn’t exactly follow these guidelines and got yourself into a mess you can’t fix, the best way to love your drains is to call someone you can trust who knows the best way to safely clear your drains.  A Roto-Rooter plumber is trained and equipped to handle these problems 24/hrs day, 7 days/week.

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