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Flushable Wipes

//Flushable Wipes

Flushable Wipes

Once reserved for infants and toddlers, adults have been using wet wipes for a cleaner and more sanitary bathroom experience, which is causing millions of dollars in sewer issues each year. These wipes aren’t biodegrading as quickly as toilet paper, which ultimately leads to clogged pipes.

It’s easy to clog a toilet with your average three ply toilet paper, so it’s even easier for these wipes to make an unsuccessful venture through your pipes. These wipes routinely fail water industry tests that are created to estimate how well things being flushed will disintegrate, and how long disintegration could take. This is why there is huge difference between being flushable and if something should actually be flushed.

Most people who use these are seeing them go down their toilets, then assume they successfully flushed. It’s after they’ve begun the journey through the sewage system that blocks are being created, which is making anything that tries to pass through, stick and cause an even bigger problem. Over time, it’s possible for all drains to clog, including bathtubs and sinks, simply due to these wipes clogging up the piping system over time.

Many environmentalists are asking for changes in labeling these packets so people aren’t misled to believe these wet wipes are able to be flushed. This will hopefully keep majority of those using them from believing their safe from damaging overflows and other septic issues if the labels deem them un-flushable, like other facial or baby wipes do. 

In the event you experience this type of clog, make sure you’ve communicated with your plumber that these wipes have been used and frequently flushed. To prevent one of these costly visits from your local Roto Rooter, stick to toilet paper for flushing, and dispose of wet wipes another way. This will keep both your plumbing systems and your wallet happy.

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