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Professional -VS- DIY

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Professional -VS- DIY

Taking on home repairs has become more popular in today’s world. We see it done on TV all the time, and often think to ourselves “simple enough”. A leaky faucet, or a clogged bathtub drain may be a simple fix by your average homeowner, but there are plumbing problems that are better suited for the professionals.

If you are questioning your ability or feel uncomfortable with the task or tools, your best bet is to call a plumber versus DIY’ing. Some areas where we feel it’s best to leave it to an expert include:

Main line backups: If you are noticing water coming up your drains, that’s usually a sign of a major issue. To be sure of what your dealing with, a camera is often recommended to get in there and find the cause. Then, a plan of attack can be mapped out to quickly and efficiently fix the issue.

Sump pumps fixes: Sump pumps remove water that has drained throughout a home. This is something you want to always be working properly to save yourself financial turmoil. Installation and occasional maintenance by an expert can ensure your sump pump is always working to the best of its ability.

Pipes: There is a lot involved when it comes to sealing, modifying, updating, or re-piping. A plumber should be the one to inspect the home’s plumbing system to give you a good idea of what you’re dealing with.

Replacing a water heater: Not only is it a good idea to have a professional properly install a new water heater, but they can help you properly dispose of the existing one.

No matter the issue, if you have little experience, we always recommend calling someone who can do it right the first time to help eliminate re-work and costly maintenance. Aside from that, you can eliminate putting you or those around you in dangerous situations.

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