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New Toilets

Toilets are long lasting and durable fixtures, but at some point, you’ll want to replace your toilet – whether it be for a new look, or your current toilet is cracked or wasting water. Below are some steps to follow when swapping out the old for the new. Drain the water from your existing toilet Turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Flush the toilet to empty the tank, and then remove the tank lid and set aside. Mop out any remaining water from the tank and the bowl until it is dry. Remove the toilet from the floor Disconnect water supply tube. Remove the cover caps that hold the toilet to the floor and using a wrench, remove the nuts. Lift the toilet bowl and tank assembly, placing somewhere absorbent so to not saturate or stain the floor. Remove the wax ring [...]

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How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Well

A garbage disposal is one of the most widely used and convenient appliances in a home, but it also tends to be the fixture that has the most issues and requires a house visit from a plumber. Most of the time, these issues are avoidable with proper use and care. By following some of these tips and tricks below, you can ensure smooth use and a happy disposal. Avoid putting things down the drain such as bones, grease, fat, oil, and anything made of glass, plastic or metal. If you do accidentally put anything like oil or grease down the drain, wash it down with cold water to help ensure it doesn’t accumulate and clog. Clean the inside with gentle soaps to get rid of sludge buildup on the blades and walls of the disposal. Break things up before just shoving them down the drain. This can help avoid clogs [...]

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Professional -VS- DIY

Taking on home repairs has become more popular in today’s world. We see it done on TV all the time, and often think to ourselves “simple enough”. A leaky faucet, or a clogged bathtub drain may be a simple fix by your average homeowner, but there are plumbing problems that are better suited for the professionals. If you are questioning your ability or feel uncomfortable with the task or tools, your best bet is to call a plumber versus DIY’ing. Some areas where we feel it’s best to leave it to an expert include: Main line backups: If you are noticing water coming up your drains, that’s usually a sign of a major issue. To be sure of what your dealing with, a camera is often recommended to get in there and find the cause. Then, a plan of attack can be mapped out to quickly and efficiently fix the [...]

Sump Pumps: What are they, and why do we need them?

A sump pump is a small pump that is installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to ensure that the area under the building stays dry and doesn’t flood. Normally, a sump pump is installed in a constructed sump basin, which allows for water to flow into the basin through draining or by natural water migration through the soil. A large portion of American homes suffer from below-ground wetness, which means homeowners will more than likely deal with a flooded basement at some point. It doesn’t take a lot of water to do a costly amount of damage. Even if your basement isn’t known to flood, the moisture within the basement can lead to mold and create a health hazard for residents. If you live in an area that experiences large amounts of rain or snow, a sump pump is a smart choice for [...]

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What is an outside cleanout?

Clogging in your kitchen sink or one of the toilets in your house can be a minor occurrence, because these issues are relatively easy to fix using the tools you already have in your home. Those issues are usually isolated within that specific feature, which won’t cause the rest of your plumbing to malfunction. In certain situations, clogging is coming from the main drain line. This would be a situation where all the fixtures in your home are affected. These are also much more difficult to unclog due to the size of the pipes, accessing the clog, and where the clog might be located within the pipe. To help prevent this disaster, we recommend an outside drain cleanout to keep things working properly and moving through efficiently. This cleanout happens outside of your home, where your main line connects to the public sewage system. This lidded pipe is located at [...]

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When purchasing fixtures for your bathrooms or kitchen, you might be wondering how to go about deciding what’s best for you. Faucets can be a bit tricky when it comes to the mass amount of styles, materials, finishes, and most importantly, prices. You want it to look good and match the style of the room, but also ensure you aren’t compromising convenience and long-term usage.  Below are some things to keep in mind and consider when buying a new faucet. Valves – Know your valves! This part of your faucet controls the water flow. There are four types of valves to be aware of, cartridge, compression, ball, and ceramic. We recommend ceramic, as these valves are the most reliable and will keep the faucet from dripping or breaking for a long time. Finish – Like stated above, you want the finish to look good and go with the space it’s [...]

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Flushable Wipes

Once reserved for infants and toddlers, adults have been using wet wipes for a cleaner and more sanitary bathroom experience, which is causing millions of dollars in sewer issues each year. These wipes aren’t biodegrading as quickly as toilet paper, which ultimately leads to clogged pipes. It’s easy to clog a toilet with your average three ply toilet paper, so it’s even easier for these wipes to make an unsuccessful venture through your pipes. These wipes routinely fail water industry tests that are created to estimate how well things being flushed will disintegrate, and how long disintegration could take. This is why there is huge difference between being flushable and if something should actually be flushed. Most people who use these are seeing them go down their toilets, then assume they successfully flushed. It’s after they’ve begun the journey through the sewage system that blocks are being created, which is [...]

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Why Does Water Come Up in the Kitchen Sink?

Regardless of the time or day, there isn’t a plumbing issue quite as inconvenient as a drain that stops doing its job. These instances lead to water and waste being sent back up, causing a messy situation. Below you will find different types of drains these problems may arise in, and what you can do to minimize the overall damage that can be caused. Kitchen Sink: This is the most common occurrence, because people are constantly putting food waste down their kitchen sinks, whether they have a garbage disposal or not. No matter the system, clogs can build up over time. If you begin to notice a slow drain, this is usually the first indicator you’re nearing a clog. If a plunger or drain snake can’t break up the mess, your best bet is to call a professional to ensure the clog is safely and effectively removed. Bathroom Sink and [...]

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Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Although emergency plumbing situations can happen at any time, the winter tends to rear its ugly head with plumbing mishaps due to the freezing temperatures. Knowing how to spot a problem and handle these situations accordingly can help keep things at bay until a professional can show up and address the situation. Below you’ll find some tips/tricks on being prepared for unexpected events. Have an emergency kit consisting of a bucket, heavy duty paper towels or old rags, wrenches, multi-bit screwdrivers, plungers, coat hangers, and tape. These are all common household items, but crucial when addressing most sudden plumbing disasters. It’s not going to be enough to have the supplies, you’re going to need to know ways to handle the situation and recognizing what the problem is. Frozen Pipes: When outside temperatures drop significantly, areas in your home that aren’t insulated also get freezing cold. To help protect against the [...]

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Common Plumbing FAQs and Answers

How do I prevent the foul smell coming from my garbage disposal? This is one of the most common plumbing questions. Bad smells coming from within the drain occur from a buildup of food and debris inside the disposal. An easy and inexpensive fix is orange or lemon peels, ice cubes, and dish soap. Place the fruit peels and ice cubes in the disposal, and run for 30-60 seconds. After that, squirt some dish soap in the disposal while it’s still running followed by cold water. This will wash away the debris while leaving your sink smelling fresh. What could be the cause of my recent high water bills? The first thing to check is if your toilet is leaking. Look at the water level within the tank to see if there is water overflowing into the overflow pipe. This pipe is located in the middle of the tank and [...]

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