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Drain Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no telling what we’ll find when we make house calls for bad drains. The most common problem cause of drain problems is just a lack of knowledge about what drains can really handle. So we wanted to share our tips to help you know and love your household drains. Toilets Flush what you produce not any products, if you get our meaning. The drain in a toilet is designed to handle only small amounts of toilet paper and bodily waste. Don’t flush medication, hygiene products, paper towels, or big heaps of toilet paper.  These products will very often get stuck in the trap or line and cause a blockage.  Also, we all experience times when we "go" more than normal.  If you happen to experience one of these times, it's best to go ahead and flush "midway through".  That way the larger amounts of paper and waste aren't all [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Drains

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you’ve likely had to deal with drainage problems at some point in time. Clogged drains can be frustrating and if not dealt with correctly and properly, a costly nuisance. Getting educated on the dos and don'ts of drain usage and cleaning can definitely save you a headache in the long run! Kitchen Drains The first step to a clean kitchen drain is having a full understanding of what should absolutely never go down it! It easy to toss scraps down the drain whenever you cook, but when food and greases end up in your kitchen sink, it can lead to all kinds of potentially costly problems, including leaks, unpleasant smells, noises, and poor drainage.  All food scraps should be tossed scraped into a wastebasket before the dishes get to the sink.  The disposal is only intended to handle the remaining bits [...]

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3 Tips to Prevent Clogged Bathroom Drains

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a clogged bathroom drain while you and your family are trying to get out the door in the morning. Water that refuses to wash down the drain is unsightly and can create a foul stench that will have you running for the hills! To keep your drains running properly and to avoid odor, you can follow these three tips: One of the biggest culprits of a clogged bathroom drain is hair in the shower. Long hair, short hair, dog hair—it can all lead to buildup that will eventually clog your drain. Remedy the problem by using a drain cover that will catch hair before it slips down the drain. These can be purchased from any hardware store. (And just remember to empty it regularly!) The easiest way to treat a clogged drain is to avoid having one in the first place. Regular cleanings of your [...]

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5 Key Elements to Commercial Contract Plumbers

If you own or manage any type of commercial property, you know that plumbing problems can occur when you least expect them. General wear and tear on commercial property plumbing happens much faster than with the plumbing in typical residential home. A savvy property owner or manager will have a quality commercial plumber on call for any emergency that might occur. Below are the important qualities to look for in a commercial plumbing contractor to help all those who are in search of one. Level of Commercial Experience The plumbing equipment and configurations within a commercial property are larger and more complex than in residential properties. The plumbing company you hire needs to have the experience and expertise to deal with the complexity of commercial properties. Repairs and Installation A simple repair call may turn into a major system replacement. You don’t want to have to call in a second [...]

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Garbage Disposal DIY Tips – Roto Rooter Bloomington

A garbage disposal is a relatively simple appliance that generally operates trouble-free for long periods of time. Unfortunately, however, garbage disposals do break down entirely. Sometimes, you can handle most repairs yourself by simply pushing the garbage disposal reset button. Other times, there may be a clog you need to clear out. But what causes a disposal to clog? Most often, clogs caused by how the ground food waste reacts to water or lack of water after the disposal unit has ground it up and sends it on its way into waste line. When a garbage disposer clogs, you will often find the problem is in the trap found on the waste discharge side of the disposal. This is also known as the P-Trap where the pureed food can push through to the waste system while also trapping any sewer gasses that might try to come into the home through the pipe. The [...]

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Tales of A Plumber – Why Hire

A clogged toilet or broken water heater can ruin’s someone life; well at least from the customer’s point of view. While it’s true these situations can be disastrous, making matters worse by trying to DIY when one has no plumbing is even scarier than the clogged commode. What Goes Down With that said, most of the plumbing woos plumbers encounter on any given day are usually completely avoidable. Unfortunately, homeowners like to throw caution to the wind and they’ll flush plastic, cardboard and even super-thick Handi-Wipes down the toilet, and then wonder why it’s overflowing on the floor. Close encounters with human waste is risky business. If your toilet is clogged, please call a plumbing professional. Hairy Situation While it’s true everyone sheds hair in the shower, most people tend to forget that they need to clean their drains on a regular basis; not only when the water reaches knee [...]

Avoiding Backups – Debunked

As a homeowner, there are probably a lot of things you wished you would have known before moving in. Along with the joy of homeownership comes the oftentimes overlooked possible plumbing woes that can occur. Below we’ve debunked several “myths” to help you ward off plumbing faux-pas. “My sink is clogged...Grab the plunger.” DIY blockage-unclogging is not always as straightforward as you may first think. If done incorrectly, it can even prove to be disastrous. After unsuccessfully clearing the clog, you may think that the next logical step is to reach for drain cleaner. So, you pour it in and wait. After seeing that nothing happened, you then reach for the plunger again. Unfortunately, you may have forgotten to wear eye and skin protection, which can cause irreversible skin and eye damage. It can even cause blindness. NEVER use a plunger with a chemical drain cleaner. Keep in mind that [...]

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The Hairy Problem with Clogged Drains

Hair is probably the most common cause of clogged shower drains and bathtubs. It only takes a little bit of hair to completely back up your drain warranting a call to your local plumber. And since this situation can be expensive to rectify, knowing how to prevent the problem is a good idea. Prevention is Key  Whether you have a family of five or are flying solo, sooner or later you will probably run into this dread problem. Fortunately, if caught early, correcting a clogged drain is relatively easy to do. To keep your water flowing down the drain, you need to invest in a hair-catching tool. You can easily find these tools at your local hardware store. The simplest of models fit directly over your drain and catch hair in a wire mesh while allowing water to flow freely. When the mesh is full of hair, you simply remove [...]

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Plumbing Myths

As a homeowner, there are probably a lot of things you wished you would have known before moving in. Along with the joy of homeownership comes the oftentimes overlooked possible plumbing woes that can occur. Below we’ve debunked several “myths” to help you ward off plumbing faux-pas. Myth: “My plumbing can handle all my weekend guests." Even if you can handle an overflow of house guests, but your sewer or septic system may not! This line is responsible for all waste water from your home, including the kitchen, showers, and toilets. So, if you have more people than usual staying over, and particularly if you have slow drains, make sure that you limit shower time so the lines have time to clear. You may also want to ask your guests to not flush the toilet with each use. By asking your guests to be mindful with their water usage, you [...]

Why Is My Toilet Flushing So Darn Noisy?

Your toilet has become noisy and you don’t know why.  Oftentimes, your toilet assembly may only need a thorough cleaning, but there also times when you may need to replace one or more parts. To help troubleshoot the problem, we’ve broken it down into categories to help determine what the problem is. What You Hear: Thumping Referred to as a water hammer, you may hear this noise when the valve closes suddenly at the end of the pipeline, which causes pressure in the pipe. The pressure can cause problems ranging from loud noises when you flush to pipe collapse. Hissing One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What causes that hissing sound in my toilet?” The continuous hiss you hear could be a faulty refill valve. When the valve doesn’t turn off, the hissing sound comes from the high-pressure water that passes through the restricted fill valve as it [...]

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