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Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield Protects Your Pipes and Your Pockets

//Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield Protects Your Pipes and Your Pockets

Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield Protects Your Pipes and Your Pockets

Have you ever bought a drain cleaner to remove a clog? It was nice that it worked for that time, but then you find, just a few days later that the problem has come back. You would then go and pour more of the solution down the drain. Have you ever considered that these drain cleaner products may not have (you) the customer’s best interest in mind? It seems rather odd that there would be a product that would only solve the problem temporarily. There has got to be a better product!

Well luckily, there is. Roto-Rooter’s Pipe Shield, will solve the problem. This ingenious solution does not simply take care of the problem today, no it helps prevent fats, greases, soaps, and detergents from building up in your pipe. This is the easiest and most affordable way to keep your pipes clean. You could continue to have to buy bottle after bottle of a lackluster drain cleaner, or you could make an investment, in not only preventing clogs, but an investment in ensuring healthy pipes, that will last longer.

One may imagine that a product like Pipe Shield may take a long time to fully, protect and change the dynamics of your pipes, however that is not so. You can ensure a freely flowing clean pipe system by regularly using the product for six months. Only a half a year to guarantee a much healthier pipe system. This is compared to regular drain cleaners that will hardly work for six days and sometimes as less as six hours! Be smart about what you put down your drain. Be kind in considering what is best for your pipes. Save money by investing in Roto-Rooter’s products. Treat your pipes right, treat yourself right. Use Pipe Shield, and your pipes will be protected.

It might be hard to imagine that Roto-Rooter would produce such a high quality product. Wouldn’t it seem counterintuitive to allow people to purchase a product that could potentially lessen a person’s need for an at home visit from a Roto-Rooter technician? Simply put, that is not what Roto-Rooter is about. That is not their philosophy. They want to ensure that people have efficient functioning pipes and plumbing. They created their own line of products because of truly how awful the commercial branded products out there can be. These products can be dangerous, abrasive on pipes, and simply ineffective. Roto-Rooter does not want that. Creating their line of products is just another step in their mission to provide the best quality plumbing services for their customers.

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