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Water Heater Repair Versus Water Heater Replacement Guidelines

//Water Heater Repair Versus Water Heater Replacement Guidelines

Water Heater Repair Versus Water Heater Replacement Guidelines


If your water heater is experiencing issues and nearing the end of its expected lifespan (10-12 years), you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit. Some telltale signs of a water heater in need of replacement are leaks around the base of the unit and simply not heating your water. If you are experiencing one or both of these issues, it is time to replace.

A new water heater will usually be much more energy efficient and feature a manufacturer’s warranty for the beginning of the unit’s time in your home. You can now make decisions regarding the type of unit you wish to use. You may find yourself wanting to replace the old unit with a newer version with similar specifications or simply going a different route completely.

When choosing a water heater for your home, consider the physical dimensions of the water heater as well as its capacity (in gallons) refresh rate (how many gallons are heated in an hour), and overall energy efficiency rating. If your current unit is showing its old age more than its productivity, you need to invest in a new water heater.

Note: Please be mindful of the necessary tools and time dedication required to install a water heater. Replacing a water heater is a task that must be completed once it is started.


So your normally-reliable water heater isn’t brand new, but not old enough to consider replacement? This is the most common situation in which homeowners find themselves.

Before examining the water heater, make sure any problems with power aren’t stemming from a blown fuse or the breaker being powered off. If there are external thermostat controls or modules, please see if these are indicating a trouble code or are set too low. Once you’ve checked the power source, a licensed professional can inspect your unit for a faulty thermostat or heating element. Unless you are licensed and have experience in this field, never open a water heater panel(s) to module to diagnose yourself the issue as you can void the warranty on many models by doing so. Also, this is a shock hazard and should only be handled by a qualified professional. Call a professional for your safety and to save your warranty.

These are the most common items that keep water heaters from functioning properly. Thankfully, these are quick and simple fixes for a repairman to make without breaking the bank. Other issues may include small leaks due to loose fittings, leaky pressure valves, and even having the thermostat set too low to heat properly.

All of these problems are seen every day by plumbers and repairmen nationwide. Sure, you will have to pay these professionals to make the house call, but it can fix your problem while saving you money in the long run. Why spend the money on a new water heater when a small fee can have your current unit running like new?

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