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What is an outside cleanout?

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What is an outside cleanout?

Clogging in your kitchen sink or one of the toilets in your house can be a minor occurrence, because these issues are relatively easy to fix using the tools you already have in your home. Those issues are usually isolated within that specific feature, which won’t cause the rest of your plumbing to malfunction. In certain situations, clogging is coming from the main drain line. This would be a situation where all the fixtures in your home are affected. These are also much more difficult to unclog due to the size of the pipes, accessing the clog, and where the clog might be located within the pipe. To help prevent this disaster, we recommend an outside drain cleanout to keep things working properly and moving through efficiently.

This cleanout happens outside of your home, where your main line connects to the public sewage system. This lidded pipe is located at ground-level, somewhere on the edge of your property line. It can be opened using a wrench or by hand. You as a homeowner should be maintaining this, but in the case of a clog, a plumber can open the access and clean out the problem using an auger or plumbing snake.

Why is this important?

Waste water isn’t only gross and unpleasant, it’s also a huge health hazard. If you have a clog that’s forcing a backup and causing a leak within the home. Additionally, gases can build up in the piping which is very dangerous. Without this cleanout, those gases could get inside the home. You can be fined if these issues aren’t addressed right away and taken care of. If you have any type of known clog, turn off the water and call a plumber to ensure the problem is properly fixed the first time.

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